Taj Rummy’s Welcome Bonus Offer

Welcome Bonus Rummy

We at Taj Rummy are excited to welcome you to our exciting world of online rummy by offering you a special rummy welcome bonus that you’re sure to love. Our platform is designed to provide you with the ultimate gaming experience, where entertainment meets skills and strategy. You can enjoy this iconic Indian card game with a grand rummy joining bonus!

Why Choose Taj Rummy?

Unique and Innovative Features

We keep our platform updated with the latest technologies to meet your evolving gaming needs. Our unique technologies, such as InteliSafe, Smart Correction, AI Secured Games, and Extended Autoplay, bring you a rummy experience unlike any other platform.

Extensive Game Variety

Taj Rummy is your one-stop destination for a wide range of rummy variations. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned player, we offer games that cater to every skill level and style. From Points Rummy to Deals Rummy, Pool Rummy, and more, you can explore them all right here.

Seamless Gaming with InteliSafe

We've built our platform with a user-friendly interface that smoothly transitions between multiple devices while keeping your game active, all while ensuring a hassle-free gaming experience.

Fair Play

We pride ourselves on maintaining a secure and fair gaming environment. Our stringent anti-fraud measures ensure that each game is conducted with integrity and transparency, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

24/7 Everything

Our concept of "24/7 Everything" encapsulates the idea of limitless gaming from our 24/7 rummy App and Website to our round-the-clock customer support team, we're dedicated to offering you a gaming experience that knows no bounds.

A Rummy Game Welcome Bonus Gift From Us

Taj Rummy is not just about providing an entertaining welcome bonus. We want to help you win big. And what’s the best way to facilitate that? By welcoming you with an amazing gift.

We’re offering you a Rummy first deposit Bonus of up to ₹5500* just for joining us. You can use this to play a variety of curated, exciting, welcome bonus games.

* When you make your first deposit with us, you get a bonus amount of 115% of the deposit amount (capped at ₹5500)

We have one of the most generous Welcome Bonus offers in the market. Apart from the Welcome Bonus, we have many more promotions, offers, and prizes waiting for you. So come get started today.

How do I claim my Rummy Welcome Bonus?

Step 1: Download the Taj Rummy App

Your journey begins by downloading our user-friendly Taj rummy app. You can find this on our website, the Android Play Store, or theiOS App Store. Our best rummy app with a welcome bonus is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Step 2: Create an account

Create an account using an Indian phone number. On registration, you will receive a bonus of ₹300. This will be reflected under the ‘Pending Bonus’ in your rummy wallet.

Step 3: Make your 1st Deposit using the code “STARTER100”

After registering at Taj Rummy, complete the process to provide your username and personal details. Then proceed to make your 1st deposit using the code “STARTER100” to avail your Welcome gifts:

  1. 15% Instant Cash reward (capped at ₹3000).
  2. 100% Deposit Bonus (capped at ₹2500).

Types of Bonus Rewards

Instant Cash Reward

The ‘Instant Cash’ reward is equivalent to real money deposited directly into your account. This is available to you immediately for use in cash games. There are no restrictions on how you can use this part of the reward.

Our Welcome Instant Cash Reward is 15% of your First Deposit amount (capped at ₹2500).


The Bonus component of your reward is placed in your ‘Bonus Wallet’. You will be able to see the balance in your Taj Rummy wallet, but this amount is not available for immediate use. You have to fulfil certain ‘Wagering’ requirements before this amount is released to you.

“Wagering” refers to the usage of cash in your Rummy Deposit or Withdrawal Wallets to play cash games or tournaments on Taj Rummy. The requisite amount is calculated as multiples of the Bonus.

Every Welcome Bonus is released in 5 parts or ‘chunks’. To enable the release of a chunk, you have to fulfil a wagering requirement that is 15 times the amount.

For example, you have deposited an amount of ₹1000/- for the first time on the Taj Rummy app, using the code STARTER100.

Instant Cash reward (15%)= ₹150/-

Bonus Reward (100%)= ₹1000/-

  1. Number of chunks= 5
  2. Amount per chunk= ₹200
  3. Wagering requirement= 15 x ₹200 = ₹3000

Every time you wager ₹3000, a Bonus chunk of ₹200 will be released into your Deposit Wallet until all five chunks have been released.

Terms & Conditions for availing the Welcome Bonus offer:

  1. Eligibility: This Rummy App Welcome Bonus is exclusively available on the first deposit made on the Taj Rummy platform
  2. One-Time Redemption: Each player can redeem the Welcome Bonus only once on Taj Rummy, after registering with a unique email address and phone number
  3. Bonus Credit:This Rummy app Welcome Bonus consists of Instant Cash, which is immediately credited to your Deposit wallet, and Bonus Cash, which is released in installments as you participate in various games on Taj Rummy (Refer to point no. 7 below)
  4. Maximum Bonus Limits: The maximum Instant Cash a player can avail is ₹3000, and the maximum Bonus Cash a player can receive is ₹2500.
  5. Bonus Code: To avail this offer, players must make their deposit using the bonus code "STARTER100." If the first deposit is made without using this code, this offer lapses for that player.
  6. Bonus Expiry: All bonuses received will expire 5 days from the date of its credit to your Taj Rummy wallet.
  7. Staggered Bonus Payout: The Bonus will be credited to your Deposit wallet in 5 chunks. To release the bonus, players must meet a wagering requirement of 15 multiples. (Please read the section on Bonus)
  8. Exclusive Offer: This offer cannot be combined with any other promotions or offers
  9. Users with multiple registrations are not eligible for this incentive
  10. Management Rights: Taj Rummy's management reserves the right to modify, alter or revoke this promotion at any time and without prior notice
  11. Fairplay Policy: Any form of collusion or soft play is strictly prohibited. Players found engaged in such activities will face strict consequences. Please refer to our Fairplay Policy for further details.
  12. Single-Player Policy: Players with multiple IDs will face a permanent ban from Taj Rummy. If detected, such players will forfeit the entire amount from their wallets.
  13. Non-Transferable Rewards: All rewards are non-transferable Terms of Service: All other conditions as covered in our Terms of Service are applicable

Taj Rummy Wallet Balances

On the Taj Rummy platform, your wallet is organised into three different balances, each with their own functions and restrictions.

1. Deposit Balance

This balance reflects all the funds you've deposited and any earnings derived from bonuses that have been successfully released to you. You can use this balance to participate in cash games and tournaments. However, please note that withdrawals cannot be made from this balance.

2. Bonus Balance:

The Bonus Balance has two main components:

a. Pending Bonus: This segment summarises any bonuses earned from referrals or other promotional activities. Bonuses are typically released to your Deposit Balance in portions, subject to meeting specific wagering prerequisites.

b. Wagering: Wagering, in essence, involves utilising your Deposit/ Withdrawable balance to participate in cash games and tournaments. To unlock the pending bonus amount, you are expected to wager a predetermined sum, calculated as below:

Required Wagering Amount= (Bonus Amount)/ (Number of chunks)* (Multiple)

For instance: If you have a pending bonus of ₹100, which is configured to be distributed in 10 chunks, with a multiple requirement of 15- you will receive a bonus of ₹10 per chunk.

Wagering Amount= ₹100/10*15 = ₹150.

You have to wager an amount of ₹150 for every ₹10 Bonus Chunk.

3. Withdrawable Balance

This balance reflects the amounts you've won from cash games and tournaments. It can be used for gameplay and to withdraw.

To request a successful Rummy cash withdrawal, your withdrawalable balance should be a minimum of ₹100.

Making A Deposit on Taj Rummy

Depositing money to your account using our first deposit bonus rummy app or the Taj Rummy website is a straightforward process. Follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your account and click on the “Add Cash” tab.
  2. Enter the amount of your choice (minimum deposit amount: ₹100).
  3. Enter the Bonus code of ‘STARTER100’ to receive your rummy first deposit bonus.
  4. After filling in the details above, click on the “Add Cash” button.
  5. Pick the mode of online transactions – Credit card, Debit card, Net banking, E-wallet, or UPI. Enter your bank details and click on “Pay Now” to complete the transaction as per the process you have selected.

All deposits are processed instantaneously and will reflect in your Deposit Balance within a few seconds.

Now that you know how to get a welcome bonus, download our real cash rummy game app and start your rummy journey with us today!

Contact Our Support

You can reach out to Taj Rummy's support team 24/7 for the best rummy experience. Contact our customer support team using your registered email ID at support@tajrummy.com to address any concerns or issues. Rest assured, our representatives will respond promptly to assist you.

Disclaimer: This game has the potential to become habit-forming or financially risky. Please play responsibly.