Extend your rummy gameplay with our bonus offers on deposits

Rummy Deposit Offers

At Taj Rummy, we hope you enjoy playing on our platform as much as we appreciate having you here. We do everything in our power to ensure you have the best experience possible. On our platform you will experience features not available on any other rummy platform- like our AI enabled games that protect a loss in case of network issues, Smart Correction that prevents you from making unnecessary mistakes and our unique InteliSafe that lets you seamlessly move between screens without losing an active game.

Our plethora of bonus offers takes this one step further. For every cash deposit you make, we reward you with bonus cash to help you extend your playing time.

You can use any of these offer codes while making a deposit to receive rummy signup bonus cash.

TRLBC11P - 11% Bonus Cash: For deposit amounts between ₹500 to ₹1999, you will receive a Bonus Cash of 11% of your deposit amount, with no capping.

E.g. If you deposit ₹1000 using the code, you will instantly receive ₹110 as Bonus Cash.

TRMBC13P - 13% Bonus Cash: For deposit amounts between ₹2000 to ₹3999, you will receive a Bonus Cash of 13% of your deposit amount, with no capping.

E.g. If you deposit ₹3000 using the code, you will instantly receive ₹390 as Bonus Cash.

TRHBC15P - 15% Bonus Cash: For deposit amounts equal to or greater than ₹4000, you will receive a Bonus Cash of 15% of your deposit amount, with no capping.

E.g. If you deposit ₹10,000 using the code, you will instantly receive ₹1500 as Bonus Cash.

Please refer to the table below for an overview of our Deposit Offers

Add Cash Between Use Code Get Bonus
₹500 to ₹1,999 TRLBC11P 11%
₹2000 to ₹3,999 TRMBC13P 13%
>= ₹4000 TRHBC15P 15%

How do I claim the deposit bonus?

All deposit bonuses can be claimed while initiating a cash deposit on the app.

  • Open the Taj Rummy app, Log in to your account and click on the “Add Cash” tab.
  • Enter the amount of your choice (minimum deposit amount: ₹500).
  • Enter the relevant Bonus code depending on your deposit amount to receive your deposit bonus.
  • After filling in the details above, click on the “Add Cash” button.
  • Pick the mode of online transactions – Credit card, Debit card, Net banking, E-wallet, or UPI. Enter your bank details and click on “Pay Now” to complete the transaction as per the process you have selected.

Where will the deposit bonus be credited?

All deposit bonuses will reflect under ‘Pending Bonus’ in your Bonus Account balance.

On the Taj Rummy platform, your wallet is organised into three different balances, each with their own functions and restrictions.

Deposit Balance

This balance reflects all the funds you've deposited and any earnings derived from bonuses that have been successfully released to you. You can use this balance to participate in cash games and tournaments. However, please note that withdrawals cannot be made from this balance.

Bonus Balance:

The Bonus Balance has three main components:

Pending Bonus: This segment summarises any bonuses earned from rummy referrals or other rummy promotional activities. Bonuses are typically released to your Deposit Balance in portions, subject to meeting specific wagering prerequisites.

Released Bonus: This is the total amount of bonus that has been released into your Deposit balance for use in games and tournaments.

Wagering: Wagering, in essence, involves utilising your Deposit/Withdrawable balance to participate in cash games and tournaments.

Withdrawable Balance

This balance reflects the amounts you've won from cash games and tournaments. It can be used for gameplay and to withdraw. To request a successful withdrawal, your Withdrawable Balance should be a minimum of ₹100.

How can I use the Bonus Balance?

Before any bonus balance is released into your Deposit Balance for use, you have to fulfil particular wagering requirements.

To unlock the pending bonus amount, you are expected to wager a predetermined sum, calculated as below:

Required Wagering Amount= (Bonus Amount)/ (Number of chunks)* (Multiple)

For instance: If you have a pending bonus of ₹100, which is configured to be distributed in 10 chunks, with a multiple wagering requirement of 15- you will receive a bonus of ₹10 per chunk.

Wagering Amount= ₹100/10*15 = ₹150.

You have to wager an amount of ₹150 for every ₹10 Bonus Chunk.

Terms & Conditions for availing the Deposit Bonus offers:

  • Eligibility: Deposit codes can be used any number of times after making the first deposit.
  • Bonus Credit: The Deposit Bonus will reflect in your Pending Bonus balance, which is released in instalments as you participate in various games on Taj Rummy (Refer to point no. 7 below).
  • Maximum Bonus Limits: There is no maximum limit.
  • Bonus Code: To avail any bonus offer, you must initiate the deposit using the bonus codes given. If the deposit is made without using the appropriate code, no bonus offer will be provided.
  • Bonus Expiry: All bonuses received will expire 11 days from the date of its credit to your wallet. Bonus Balances expire if a withdrawal is initiated.
  • Staggered Bonus Payout: The Bonus will be credited to your Deposit wallet in 10 chunks. To release the bonus, players must meet a wagering requirement of 15 multiples.
  • Exclusive Offer: This offer cannot be combined with any other promotions or offers
  • Users with multiple registrations are not eligible for this incentive.
  • Management Rights: Taj Rummy's management reserves the right to modify, alter or revoke this promotion at any time and without prior notice.
  • Fairplay Policy: Any form of collusion or soft play is strictly prohibited. Players found engaged in such activities will face strict consequences. Please refer to our Fairplay Policy for further details.
  • Single-Player Policy: Players with multiple IDs will face a permanent ban from Taj Rummy. If detected, such players will forfeit the entire amount from their wallets.
  • Non-Transferable Rewards: All rewards are non-transferable.
  • Terms of Service: All other conditions as covered in our Terms of Service are applicable.