Fairplay Policy

We ensure that you are protected throughout all your game sessions.

How do we do it?

Say No to Cheating:

We do not tolerate Cheating. Cheating is basically any misuse of bugs/third-party tools to take advantage of the games or creating multiple accounts/teaming up with players to raise scores.

If you are caught cheating, you will not be able to play games or withdraw cash during the banned period. You will lose your winnings from the games where cheating has been done. You will be permanently blocked if you are caught cheating in any game, promoting hacks, or violating other terms of use at our discretion. In case of a permanent block, any balances on your Deposit Wallets will be forfeited by us.

Security Measures:

To safeguard the true spirit of skill and entertainment in online rummy gaming, we use only the best-in-class data security methods, tools and platforms. We ensure the security and privacy of players’ data are completely protected by maintaining up-to-date systems and making it our first priority.

Secure Payments:

All information is stored in our trusted environment and is not shared with any untrusted third party. We work with only the best in the industry and trusted third-party payment gateways to ensure the safety and security of all financial transactions.

Game Fraud Detection:

Being the pioneer of AI-secured games, we can identify fraudulent behaviour in games and take prompt action to ensure that all games are fraud free. This immediate action makes us one of India’s most trusted gaming platforms.


While we are not directly responsible for players getting disconnected due to poor internet connectivity, we take a few steps using Extended Auto Play to ensure players have adequate time to join back if they want. However, we strongly recommend testing your internet connection before enlisting for any paid games.

Profanity & Abuse:

We do not permit and usage of profane, vulgar or abusive language in usernames or otherwise.