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Rummy Refer and Earn Program
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We believe in spreading joy! We’re certain that you enjoy earning cash as much as you enjoy playing a game of rummy on our platform. That’s why we’ve designed a generous rummy referral program that allows you to earn extra cash simply by inviting your friends to join in the rummy fun.

The best part? There's no limit to how many friends you can refer to online rummy, which means there are unlimited referral rewards waiting to be claimed by you.

Getting started is easy - all it takes is a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the “Refer a friend” tab that is accessible via both the website and our Taj Rummy app
  2. Copy and share your unique rummy referral code with your friends and family. Alternatively, you can share your unique sign-up link with them.
  3. Ensure they sign up using the unique link or entering your unique rummy referral code.

Then, sit back and watch the magic happen. Once anyone signs up with your link or code, you will continue to receive rewards forever (subject to Terms and Conditions). You don't have to do anything after that - just watch rummy earn you some cash and bonuses.

Please note that the type and quantum of rewards may change from time to time, so please stay updated on our latest promotions and rewards structure to make sure that our rummy earns you some well-deserved benefits.

The moment your friend or family member signs up, you are both in for a treat.

Here’s what they will receive:

  1. A Rummy Sign-Up Bonus to kickstart their Rummy journey
  2. A Rummy Welcome Bonus as soon as they make their first deposit

And your reward?

You will receive up to ₹3000 in instant cash and bonuses for each successful referral that you make. Read the below for more details.

The Taj Rummy Referral Program in Detail

So, how does this program work? The mechanics are simple - whenever someone signs up with your rummy referral code and makes their first deposit, you, as the referrer, receive:

  1. A 10% (of their deposited amount) instant referral cash (up to ₹2000) that is deposited into your ‘Deposit Wallet’; and
  2. A 100% (of their deposited amount) as a Bonus (up to ₹1000) that is deposited into your ‘Bonus Wallet’

(Please see the sections below on the different types of wallets in your account.)

Let's break this down with an example:

When a referral, uses your "Invite Friend" Rummy referral code to register on Taj Rummy and deposits ₹1000, you receive ₹1000 as a 100% Bonus in your ‘Bonus Wallet,’ and an additional ₹100 as Instant Cash in your ‘Deposit Wallet.’

And don’t forget- there’s no limit to the number of people you can invite.

Meanwhile, your referrals receive fantastic bonuses as well, which means everyone's a winner!


  1. The person you have referred has to create a new account using your referral code.
  2. The referral has to complete KYC and make a first deposit within 3 days of creating a new account.

Types of Referral Rewards

Instant Cash Reward

The ‘Instant Cash’ reward is equivalent to real money that is deposited directly into your account. You can use this money immediately in cash games without any restrictions.


The Bonus component of your reward is placed in your ‘Bonus Wallet.’ Although you can see the balance in your wallet, this amount is not available for immediate use. You need to fulfill certain wagering requirements before this amount is released to you.

“Wagering” refers to using cash in your Deposit or Withdrawal Wallets to play cash games or tournaments on Taj Rummy. The requisite amount is calculated as multiples of the Bonus.

Every Referral Bonus is released in four parts or chunks. To enable the release of a chunk, you need to fulfill a wagering requirement that is 15x of the amount.

Let’s explain this with an example:

If you refer your friend Mr. X, who signs up on Taj Rummy and deposits ₹100, you will receive the following rewards:

Instant Cash reward (10%) = ₹10

Bonus Reward (100%) = ₹100

Number of chunks = 4

Amount per chunk = ₹25

Wagering requirement = 15 x ₹25 = ₹375

Every time you wager ₹375, a Bonus chunk of ₹25 will be released into your Deposit Wallet until all 4 chunks have been released to you.

Understanding Your Rummy Account Balances

At Taj Rummy, your balance is divided into three separate accounts:

Deposit Balance:

This account includes all the amounts you've deposited and the amounts you've earned from released bonuses. While you can use this balance to participate in cash games and tournaments, it cannot be withdrawn.

Bonus Account:

The Bonus Account consists of two parts:

Pending Bonus: These are all the bonuses you have earned either through referrals or other promotions. Bonuses are typically released in chunks after satisfying the relevant wagering requirement.

Required Wagering: Wagering refers to using your Deposit/Withdrawable balance to participate in cash games and tournaments. To release the pending bonus amount, you must wager a certain amount to unlock the Bonus cash.

For example, if you have a pending bonus of ₹100 with configurable chunks of 10 and multiples of 15, you can receive a bonus of ₹10 (per chunk) by wagering ₹10 x 15= ₹150.

Withdrawable Balance:

This balance reflects the amounts you've won from cash games and tournaments. It can be used for gameplay and to withdraw. To request a successful withdrawal, your Withdrawable Balance should be a minimum of ₹100.

Track your referral success

The Taj Rummy app's "Refer & Earn" section includes a "My Earnings" tab. Here, you can track the people who've joined Taj Rummy using your unique referral code. Remember, the more, the merrier. So, keep those referrals coming to reap more rewards!

Terms and Conditions of our Referral Program

To safeguard your interests, there are some Terms and Conditions that you have to fulfil to be eligible for the Referral Earnings.

  1. For your earnings to be credited to you, you must be a registered Taj Rummy user.
  2. The friends/ family members you invite or refer must be new players on Taj Rummy- they need to create unique accounts on the Taj Rummy platform.
  3. This offer is valid only when your friend uses the “Invite Friend” link in the invitation you sent them.
  4. For you to be eligible for your cash rewards, your referee must make at least one deposit within 3 days of signup.
  5. The offer of referral rewards is applicable only if your referral makes their first deposit with a minimum of ₹100
  6. You will get a 100% Bonus (up to ₹1000) and additional instant cash (up to ₹2000) on your friend’s first deposit. Example: If your friend deposits Rs.1000, then you will get ₹1000 as a 100% Bonus and ₹100 as Instant Cash.
  7. The Instant Cash will be 10% of your referral's 1st deposit and will be transferred immediately into your Deposit Wallet.
  8. Bonus will be added in 4 chunks and will be released into your Deposit Wallet on completion of ‘Wagering’ requirements.
  9. This offer is valid only for players who have made at least one deposit on the platform. All other standard Terms and Conditions apply.
  10. Taj Rummy Management reserves the right to modify, alter, or revoke any referral promotion at its discretion and without prior notice.
  11. Collaboration or soft play are strictly prohibited. If any player(s) is found to be involved in such activities, strict action will be taken against them. Please refer to our Fairplay Policy.
  12. Individuals using multiple IDs will face a permanent ban from Taj Rummy. If we detect any such activity, the player(s) will forfeit the entire amount from their wallets.
  13. All referral rewards are non-transferable.
  14. All Terms and Conditions covered in our ‘Terms of Service’ will apply.

How do I add cash to my Taj Rummy account?

Adding cash to your account on the Taj Rummy app or website is a straightforward process. Follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your account and click on the “Add Cash” tab.
  2. Enter the amount of your choice (minimum deposit amount: ₹100).
  3. Enter the Bonus code if you have one. From time to time, we will provide a list of promotional Bonus codes that you can use to get an additional bonus in your wallet.
  4. After filling in the details above, click on the “Add Cash” button.
  5. Pick the mode of online transactions – Credit card, Debit card, Net banking, E-wallet, or UPI. Enter your bank details and click on “Pay Now” to complete the transaction as per the process you have selected.

All deposits are processed instantaneously and will reflect in your Deposit Balance within a few seconds.

How do I withdraw cash from my Taj Rummy account?

Withdrawing cash from your account is a simple three-step process.

  1. Tap the “Wallet” icon and select the “Withdrawals” option and click on the “Withdraw” option.
  2. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Complete your KYC (if not already done) and fill in your bank details/ UPI details.
  3. Click on “Continue” to initiate the withdrawal.

Please be aware that:

  1. You can only withdraw an amount that is equal to or less than the amount shown as your Withdrawable Balance.
  2. Your Withdrawable Balance should be a minimum of ₹100 to place a withdrawal request.

If you have completed your KYC, withdrawals are typically processed immediately. In the rare case that it fails, we will manually process it in a few days.

Contact Our Support

You can reach out to Taj Rummy's support team 24/7 for the best rummy experience. Contact our customer support team using your registered email ID at to address any concerns or issues. Rest assured, our representatives will respond promptly to assist you.

Disclaimer: This game has the potential to become habit-forming or financially risky. Please play responsibly.