Inteli Safe

Inteli Safe

Thanks to Inteli Safe you can re-log in and continue playing on any device

At Taj Rummy, we recognise that nothing but the very best will do for our customers and players. What’s more, we also recognise that this should include top-of-the-line features and integrate state-of-the-art technology, thereby ensuring that we provide a smooth, hassle-free, pleasurable, intuitive, and an undeniably delightful experience, whether on our website, or on our apps for Android and iOS devices.

When does AI get activated on Taj Rummy?

With the above in mind, we have made it our continuous and constant endeavour to provide our players with the very best that the technological world has on offer. One such leading innovation and inclusion that is exclusive to the Taj Rummy platform is the new and exciting feature called Inteli Safe, which is activated when you switch to another device during gameplay.

What is Inteli Safe?

Inteli Safe is a brand new feature that is exclusive to the Taj Rummy platform. Designed with our wonderful customers in mind, this feature allows them to seamlessly move from one device to another while playing the game, and allows them to continue playing the same game by logging into the same account on the second device. For instance, a player can start a game on the Taj Rummy website on his or her desktop or laptop at home, and then leave the house and continue to play the same game (where they had left off on the desktop or laptop) by logging onto the Taj Rummy app for Android or iOS on their mobile phone or tablet. Inteli Safe provides safety, security and a seamless playing experience.

Why is Inteli Safe important?

As with every feature on the Taj Rummy platform, Inteli Safe is designed and crafted for the user and with the user in mind. Here are some of the reasons why this Taj Rummy exclusive feature is important:

  1. Inteli Safe Allows users to move from one device to another, and therefore allows them to continue a game on a device they are more comfortable using or which is better suited to them at that location.
  2. Allows players and users to leave a location and continue to play the same game wherever they are. So players can continue the game on the move!
  3. Ensures that a player never has to abandon a game, and therefore lose chips and money because they have to leave a location
  4. Provides users ease of use and continuity on all devices
  5. Provides players with the freedom of movement

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Disclaimer: This game has the potential to become habit-forming or financially risky. Please play responsibly.