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Finding free time in common among your family and friends to enjoy some good old rummy is not so easy in today’s day and age, but don’t let the lack of rummy partners spoil your mood when you want to play. You can always find someone to play with on the best rummy APK for your smartphone. Download it now and enjoy a thrilling gaming experience.

Download the Rummy APK and start playing your favorite rummy games for free on your Android devices! Once downloaded, you can immediately start playing the best rummy game for android for free on any of your devices, provided they are powered by the Android OS! What you’re going to need is an Android device with a stable internet connection, and you can get ready and set yourself loose on the brilliant world of games at Taj Rummy.

Now play your all time favourite games on our online rummy APK any where, any time and win real cash prizes. With Taj Rummy, you get to play the best of the games with our stunning graphics seamlessly between your devices even if you have to switch during a running game! That’s Taj Rummy for you - our AI secured games mean players are always protected when they’re on our app and website. The Taj Rummy APK is secure, reliable and RNG-certified, we have made every effort to deliver a fairplay and transparency for all our players.

If you would like to play rummy APK, look no further than where you are right now. We have a plethora of rummy variants waiting for you to try them out. 13-card Indian rummy variants like Points, Pool and Deals rummy are available to play on our cash rummy APK download, and you can try the free as well as cash games here. Download the Taj Rummy APK and register right away if you don’t already have a Taj Rummy account.

The online rummy APK is constantly updated with new offers and features to ensure that there is never a dull moment while you’re playing. We offer our players a wide range of options to carry out successful transactions as they make deposits and withdrawals into their accounts with great ease.

Our dedicated, world class support team is available 24*7 to help you with queries or issues you may face during your gameplay on our cash rummy APK.

How to download the Taj Rummy APK

Here are the steps to download the Taj Rummy APK file onto your mobile phone:

  1. On the Taj Rummy homepage on your mobile browser, scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the Download APK button. Click on it to directly download our rummy best APK file on your Android mobile.
  2. A small pop will then open with the default Android warning message for apps downloaded from third party sources, please see image below. Click on OK as the Taj Rummy APK download is absolutely safe for your phone.
  3. Follow further instructions described in the image below:
online rummy apk
download rummy apk
taj rummy apk online
rummy online apk download

After downloading our online rummy APK, here’s what to do:

New Player

A very warm welcome to all new players on the Taj Rummy APK. If you are reading this, you have probably completed and are ready to play rummy APK download. We are really glad you chose our rummy app APK and have given us the opportunity to show off our games and features to you.

The first thing you see when you open our Indian Rummy APK is the registration page. Follow the easy prompts and register on the Taj Rummy APK. This instantly makes you eligible to play rummy APK download free games on your favourite platform. There are free games to be enjoyed on all of the variants we offer and of course, there are free tournaments as well if you like the additional thrill of playing with a larger number of players.

If you’re new to online rummy, you might want to check our guide on How to Play Rummy first, then gain adequate understanding, experience and know-how by playing our free practice games before you dive into the world of real cash rummy APK once you’re confident enough to play against other players for real money rummy prizes.

Already Have a Taj Rummy Account?

Now if you’ve already got a Taj Rummy account from previously registering on the website or the app/ APK on another device, once you open the newly downloaded APK on your Android device, you may use your phone number and OTP to log in to your account.

Next stop - Play, play, play! Choose your favorite rummy variant and start playing unlimited practice games and real money cash games wherever and whenever you like. Note: You must complete your KYC before you’re able to withdraw your cash winnings on the Taj Rummy APK.

Here are 10 reasons why Taj Rummy should be your No.1 choice while you play rummy APKs:

Reason 1

100% Safe and Secure Platform

Reason 2

Easy Navigation throughout the App and Website

Reason 3

Compete with the best rummy players from India

Reason 4

Challenging games and big cash prizes

Reason 5

Cash added can be used to play more games or transferred to your account

Reason 6

Big bonus options while you add cash in account

Reason 7

Cashback offers on real cash games

Reason 8

Thrill of seeing real money in the account on winning games

Reason 9

Lifestyle improvements when you become a cash player

Reason 10

Instant withdrawal of real money to your account securely

Additionally, Taj Rummy is a strong advocate of Responsible Gaming. We encourage you to play only within your means. Our support team can be reached out to 24*7 in case you need further assistance as you play rummy APK download.

Taj Rummy Rating


Why do I get a warning message while installing the Taj Rummy APK on my mobile phone?

While installing the Taj Rummy APK file on your Android phone, you may receive a warning message. This message is implemented by your Android phone as a default setting when you download an app from a third-party, and is an additional measure to ensure safety and security. The Taj Rummy is a 100% safe cash rummy APK download and can easily be installed on your Android phone, so you may grant your permission by clicking the OK button.

Is the Taj Rummy APK paid or free?

The Taj Rummy APK is free to download and play practice games online. If you are an Android device user, you can download our rummy game APK from this website, it is available for free. You can also play rummy online for real money APK at Taj Rummy.

Can I play Taj Rummy games offline?

Taj Rummy is an online rummy APK that requires a stable internet connection to download and play its games on. This play rummy APK download for Android is quick and smooth even on low-speed internet connections.

Is Taj Rummy safe?

The Taj Rummy platform is absolutely safe and secure to play on the real money rummy APK/ app as well as the website. It’s an RNG-certified game with multiple safety measures in place and Artificial Intelligence applied for player protection. We use completely safe and secure payment gateways to ensure every transaction is made smoothly without any issues.

How to play free rummy games on the Taj Rummy APK?

There are unlimited practice games to play on the Taj Rummy APK. Download it from the website and sign up to play free rummy games any where, any time. Once you register, you will automatically be taken to the game lobby. Here you will find free practice games, cash games, and tournaments to choose from. Click on “Practice” to start playing unlimited free rummy games. If you are new to the Taj Rummy APK, play some practice games to improve your skills before moving on to cash games and tourneys.

Can I win real money on the Taj Rummy APK?

You can win real money in the form of cash prizes on Taj Rummy by playing and winning cash games and tournaments. All you have to do is download play rummy APK from the Taj Rummy site, install it and play some practice games to become familiar with the platform. Once you are confident with your gaming skills, you can join cash games and tournaments on Taj Rummy and win cash prizes. To play a cash game/ tournament, you need to pay an entry fee as low as Rs.4.

Is it easy to withdraw my cash winnings on the Taj Rummy app?

You can withdraw your cash winnings from your Taj Rummy account into your bank account in a very easy manner. All you need to do is place a withdrawal request and the money will be credited into your bank account shortly. Please note that you need to have completed your KYC before making any withdrawal requests. Please refer to our guide on making cash withdrawals at Taj Rummy.