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Responsible Gaming

Taj Rummy encourages its players to play rummy games responsibly and we have implemented various precautionary measures to be a responsible game provider:

  1. We have a stern Anti-Fraud / Pro-security policy.
  2. All the personal information provided to us is safe and secure as we use High Level Encryption.
  3. Underage gaming is not permitted. Anyone below 18 years of age is not allowed to play on the site
  4. Regular monitoring of our online rummy games for detection of any fraudulent behaviour
  5. Flexible features to limit players’ online cash deposits and withdrawal amount

Indian rummy can be entertaining and relaxing, however a few tips need to be kept in mind while playing:

  1. Rummy should be played in moderation and undertaken as a form of leisure and not as a sole way of making money/ income
  2. Avoid chasing losses
  3. Set time and deposit limits and stick to them
  4. Playing rummy should not be prioritized over other important activities that impact your life
  5. Always play with a positive mind-set
Taj Rummy

Taj Rummy, powered by Grid Logic Games, is an elite and professional rummy gaming website which brings the popular Indian version of the 13 card game straight into your home.

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