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How to Play 29 Card Game: A Complete Guide

by Team Taj Rummy
29 Card Game Rules

The 29 card game, also known as 29, has its origins in the Indian subcontinent and is a much-loved trick-taking card game. It has been a cherished pastime in South Asian homes for many years, bringing people together and providing endless entertainment. 

29 has gained immense popularity in countries like India, Bangladesh, and Nepal, with various regional versions adding to its appeal. Its strategic depth and captivating gameplay make it a favorite pastime for both casual players and serious enthusiasts.

Why is 29 called 29 Card Game?

The 29 card game is called 29 because the highest bid in the game is 29 points. Although the total points in the game add up to 28, the bid of 29 represents the goal of achieving a perfect game, making the name both symbolic and descriptive of its strategic depth.

29 Card Setup and Objective

29 Card Deck

29 is played with a deck of 32 cards consisting of 8s, 9s, 10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Aces from each suit (hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades). The remaining cards are not used. To learn more about the significance of suits in playing cards, check out our article “Suits in Playing Cards.”

Number of Players

  1. Standard number of players

29 is typically played with four players divided into two teams. Each team consists of two players sitting opposite each other.

  1. Variations for different numbers of players

While the standard game is for four players, there are variations to accommodate different numbers:

  • Three players: One player competes against a team of two. The single player plays individually, and the team of two collaborates.
  • Two players: Each player is dealt 16 cards, and a simplified version of the game is played.
  • Six players: Players form three teams of two, and each team takes turns sitting out every third round to ensure fair play.

Goal of the Game 

The objective of 29 is to score points by winning tricks. Each team aims to accumulate a minimum of 29 points through successful bidding and strategic play. The team that meets or exceeds their bid wins the game. 

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29 Card Game – Gameplay

Dealing the cards

The dealer rotates clockwise after each round. Each player is dealt four cards at a time until everyone has eight cards.

Bidding and declaration

Players bid to determine the trump suit and the number of points they aim to achieve. The minimum bid is 16, and bids increase incrementally. The highest bidder declares the trump suit and must meet or exceed their bid to win.

Playing and following suit

The player to the dealer’s left starts the first trick. Players must follow the suit led if possible; otherwise, they can play any card. The highest card of the led suit wins the trick unless a trump card is played, in which case the highest trump wins.

Scoring and winning tricks

Points are awarded based on the cards in the tricks won:

  • Jacks = 3 points
  • Nines = 2 points
  • Aces = 1 point
  • Tens = 1 point

The team that meets or exceeds their bid score wins the round. If they fail, the opposing team scores points.

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29 Card Game Strategies and Tips

General tactics for successful gameplay

  • Bid Wisely: Don’t overestimate your hand. Overbidding can lead to losses.
  • Communicate: Use standard signals and plays to convey information to your partner.
  • Control the Trump Suit: Secure control of the trump suit to dominate the game.
  • Play High-Value Cards Early: If you have high-value cards, use them strategically to win early tricks.

Etiquette and Rules

Proper conduct during the game

Maintain a friendly atmosphere, avoid arguments, and respect all players. Fair play and good sportsmanship are crucial.

29 card game rules and variations

  • Misdeal: If a misdeal is detected, redeal the cards.
  • Re-bidding: In some variations, a re-bid is allowed if all players pass initially.
  • Point Adjustments: Different regions may have slight variations in scoring. Clarify these before starting.


Which cards carry points in the 29 card game?

Jacks (3 points), Nines (2 points), Aces (1 point), and Tens (1 point) carry points.

Can you play 29 with 2 players?

Yes, you can play a modified version of the 29 card game with 2 players. Here are the adjustments for a two-player game:

  • Card Distribution: Each player is dealt 8 cards.
  • Bidding: The players still bid to determine who sets the trump suit.
  • Gameplay: After the bidding phase, the highest bidder selects the trump suit, and players alternate playing cards to win tricks.

This version maintains the core mechanics of bidding, selecting a trump suit, and winning tricks but is adjusted for fewer players.

How does scoring work if both teams have equal points?

If both teams end up with 14 points each, the team that did not set the trump suit wins the round.

Can you bluff in the 29 card game?

Yes, bluffing during the bidding phase is a strategic element of the game.

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Wrapping Up

In closing, the 29 card game is a timeless classic enjoyed by people of various cultures due to its rich history, strategic depth, and social appeal. Make sure to bid wisely, communicate effectively with your partner, and take control of the trump suit to secure victory. 

Whether it’s a family gathering or a casual hangout, this game unites people and ignites laughter and friendly competition. So, grab your cards, bid cleverly, and jump into the excitement! Here’s to the delight of winning tricks and the happiness of creating shared memories. Let the games begin!

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