How to retrieve your password

Your password at Taj Rummy is unique to you and made up of 5 to 15 characters that might have some personal meaning. This was set up along with a username when you first signed up at this gaming site.

Also, this is a part of your identity with which you can log in, make cash deposits and play online rummy so you should be careful never to share it with anyone.

However, if you have forgotten this unique password or for some reason cannot use it for logging into your account then the online gaming site can assist you with password retrieval.

Help with retrieval comes through the Forgot Password link which can be seen below the password field on Taj Rummy’s Homepage.

Clicking on this link will take you to another page where you have to enter the email which you had used initially for signing up with.

Since this password is your secret code which is not saved on the system the website will not be able to provide you with the original set of characters. Instead, you will receive an email with a link for setting up a new password.

You will need to use the same email address for your password retrieval for security of your account. So if you have changed your email id in the duration of your membership at the online rummy site then it’s a great idea to change this information on your profile page. Password retrieval is one of the most important reasons for keeping your profile page updated.

Taj Rummy

Changing your password via this link is easy; however, if you do face any problems while trying to change the password then an email to to contact the Taj Rummy Support team will have the matter sorted out quickly and satisfactorily.