How to place a show

In Rummy games, your objective is to arrange the 13 cards in your hands either into three groups of 5, 5 and 3, three groups of 5, 4 and 4, and four groups of 3, 3, 3 and 4 cards. When it’s your turn, you may pick a new card from the Closed deck or the last card from the Open deck (discarded by the player whose turn it was just before yours).

The groups you make by picking and discarding cards can either be “Life” or “Set”. A Life is a sequence of at least 3 cards of the same suit. A Set is a group of 3 or 4 cards with the same Value or different Suits.

Once you have made your groups, you must submit them for validation. This action of submitting cards for validation is called a “Show”. However, to have a successful Show, you have to arrange the cards into Lives and Sets before submitting them.

A minimum of 2 Lives are required to have a valid arrangement. Also, to make a successful Show, you must have at least 1 Pure Life, which is a straight sequence with no jokers.


In the above example, the first group is a Pure Life of four cards, the second is a Life (with Joker) of three cards, the third is a Set of three cards, and the fourth is another Life (with Joker) of three cards.

To call a Show, you must have 14 cards, from which you will choose to discard one as you call for the Show. After you have picked your last useful card and are ready to call a Show, select the card that you wish to discard. The Show button below the table will automatically get activated. Click on this button and you will be asked if you are sure; click on the OK button only if you’re ready to call a Show.


The action of submitting each arranged card group individually for validation is called “Melding” which is easily done by pressing the “Meld Group” button hovering above each of the groups you have made. Each group you meld will be showcased in one of the four boxes in a grid which opens up when you call for the Show. Press the Send Cards button to submit your cards for validation.

The Show is declared a winning one if it meets the following validation rules:

  • LIFE1 should be the order of not less than three cards of the same suite. LIFE1 should not contain a Joker. However, the group can include a Joker if the Joker card is used as the card itself and not as a Joker.
  • LIFE2 must be a sequence of at least three cards of the same suite. LIFE2 may or may not contain a joker.
  • SET1 and SET2 may be a sequence or a triplet, or four cards of equal value and different sets. SET1 may or may not contain a joker.

Once your cards are evaluated, you will receive a congratulatory message if you placed a successful Show. However, you will acquire maximum/penalty points in the case of a wrong Show, i.e. 80 as per the validation rules.


– It is a good practice to Group your cards instantly when you make a Life/ Set during game play.
– Double check the Meld Group suggestions before submitting your cards.