How to make a deposit

At Taj Rummy you can play real money games by making your deposit via a Credit Card and this option is easy, quick and safe. Cards accepted for online payments are Master Card, Visa and Maestro.

After you log in at the gaming site with your Username and Password click on the Cash Chips option on the top right of your screen before clicking on the big green Buy Chips button.

This will take you to the Cashier screen which shows all payment options.

The Credit Card option is the first from the top on this screen; select the type of card you’d like to use and then choose the amount you wish to deposit from a drop down box.

The denomination options available at the cashier for deposits are Rs.100, Rs.200, Rs.500, Rs.1000 and Other which allows you to pick any value from Rs.100 up to Rs.10,000. After making your selection click on the Next button given below; this triggers a pop-up informing you that the webpage is getting redirected to a new location.

On clicking the confirm button this takes you to the State Bank of India’s Secure Payment Gateway for making a secured payment to Grid Logic Software TPSL.

Procedures on this page begin with selecting your card type from a drop down box. Next, enter your eighteen digit Credit Card number without leaving any spaces.

Below this is the card’s Expiry Date field with drop down boxes for the month and year followed by the three digit security code known as the CVV2 or CVC2 Number which is located on the back of your card.

After filling in the cardholder’s name in the Name on Card field you have to correctly type in the characters as seen in a picture for Word Verification. Next, click on Pay button and wait for the next screen to appear where you have to confirm the secure transaction by clicking on the Proceed button.

The next screen shows the details of the online payment with further authentication option of an Internet Password with a One-Time-Password to be used. To get the OTP you need to send an sms stating: SMS OTP XXXX to the number given at this stage, with the four x’s being the last four digits on your card.

The six-digit OTP which is sent to your mobile phone promptly must be entered on the given field before clicking on the Next button for the payment to be processed. Note that the OTP will remain valid for this transaction for only 30 minutes from the time you sent your request.

When your online payment has been processed you’ll be redirected to the Taj Rummy site where your deposit shows up instantly in the Cash Chips field and you can join any of the rooms to play rummy with real cash.