How to fill your profile page

Once you have set up an account at Taj Rummy you can fill up your profile page for sharing all the mandatory and necessary information with the gaming site. For this, you will first have to log in at the site and then click on the My Account tab which is located on the top right along with links for buying cash chips, your transactions, bonus details and also a link for Help.

Clicking on the My Account tab gives a drop down box showing all your personal information. You’ll see tabs titled Account Overview, Profile Overview, Change Password, Update Email Address and Update Mobile Number.

The Profile Overview page will consist of more detailed information as the details which you filled up while signing up at Taj Rummy only included basic information required at that stage. You can view the validation information provided while registering on the profile page; however, these details cannot be edited here.

Further details which you are required to fill in are your complete name, address, mobile number and most importantly PAN card number.

To fill up this page begin with clicking on the Edit at bottom of page then fill in all the details required here. Start with filling in your Personal Information in the specified fields; this is your first name and last name.

In the Address Information section you can fill in your house number or name in Address Line 1 field and the location and area in Address Line 2 field. In the field for the state you get a drop down box to select from and this is followed by the City and Pincode fields.

Finally, fill in your PAN card number in the Other Information section and click on the Submit button which replaces the Edit button at the bottom of your Profile page. With this your profile at Taj Rummy is now complete.