Deals Rummy

At Taj Rummy you can now also play Best of 2 and Best of 6 Deals games. In this new feature the number of players joining any of these games depends upon the game type. The Best of 2 Deals game is played by just two players while a table offering Best of 6 Deals will have the maximum six players.

Deals Rummy refers to game play with pre-decided and fixed number of deals, players and chips and this format of the game gives all players an equal shot at winning.

Bet values differ for all games available in Deals Rummy which gives you a choice of joining a room with a bet worth Rs.75, Rs.200, Rs.450 or Rs.500. Choice of bets offered in other formats such as Pools Rummy and Points Rummy as well is even higher with bets worth Rs.1000 and Rs.1500.

Depending upon the number of players the game will be played with one or more packs consisting of 53 playing cards, which include 1 printed joker each.

You can collect maximum 80 points in each deal so if your score is actually 85 with a number of high value cards in the melded Hand then you will still get to earn only 80 points.

In a Deals Rummy game each player receives a set number of chips from Taj Rummy and at the end of every deal the winner collects chips from all other players after declaring a Show. These chips match the number of points which the other players have lost in the respective deal.

When the preset number of deals has ended with the final Show, the player with the maximum collection of chips is declared as the winner of the game.

While a Best of 2 Deals game has a clear winner, there can be a tie between two or more players in a Best of 6 Deals game. In such events only the players with maximum points get to play the extra game at Taj Rummy which will give one clear winner.