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Sorting Pin (New Feature – 2016)

This feature has been introduced to make viewing of “Seating” Tables easier.

In the “Status” column “ ” is the newly added icon.

If any of the players are waiting in the table(s) that are yet to be filled, the same would be reflected on the game window as below:


On clicking the icon, all the tables that are not filled and have players waiting on the table (Seating) will be moved to the top rows of the game window as below, making it easier for players who wish to join those tables.


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How to Group (New Feature – 2016)

The “Grouping” feature has been enhanced to make the grouping action easier and more efficient.
Step by Step process of “Grouping” and “Discard” Actions:

1. Upon picking a card from the open/closed deck, you can choose to group the necessary cards and then perform the “discard” action or vice versa.

2. After picking a card from open/closed deck, if you click on 2 or more cards, “Group” option gets enabled.


3. Also, if you click once on any card, that particular card gets “selected”. When you click on the same card for the second time, that card gets “released” or “de-selected”.

Hence, when you choose to discard one card and click on it, the card gets selected and “discard” option gets enabled...

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