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Simple ways to deal with Internet Disconnections

You’ve invited your friends over for a few rounds of rummy, and you’re all having a great time. The most serious interruption you’ll probably face is when you reach out to grab a snack, or a sudden urgent phone call that just won’t wait. This is how it used to be though… Today, not just your social rummy game, but even your gaming buddies have a virtual address, and in the online world, nearly nothing is the same.

One of the number one problems you’ll come across in an online rummy game is that of frequent disconnection. You might experience trouble discarding/ picking cards up, placing a Show or at other points of the game.
The important thing to remember here is that Taj Rummy does not control internet connectivity and fluctuations...

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Tell me about Taj Rummy’s Certification

Taj Rummy is the registered name of the operator, or this gaming site, and the software is provided by Grid Logic Software Private Limited; players can also open its URL to know more.

The Random Number Generator or RNG used by the online rummy site generates card numbers which are completely unbiased, random and fair.

The RNG used here has also been verified with a certificate by iTech Labs Australia, which is the world’s premier body for testing online gambling sites.

The certificate signed by its principal consultant on 15th March 2013, states that the RNG was tested as per relevant Gambling Commission standards of the UK jurisdiction and found to be in compliance.

This consulting firm has put the RNG through rigorous tests and found that numbers generated cleared the ...

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What do I do if I don’t have a PAN Card?

Your Profile at Taj Rummy is only complete when you enter your PAN Card details into your account. You will need to log in to your account, go to My Account (on the right hand side bar) and click on Profile Overview to get to your profile, where you can update your account with other essential details that were not recorded during the Quick Sign Up process.

Your profile consists of four sections: Validation Information, Personal Information, Address Information and Other Information. PAN Card number is a mandatory field in the last section (Other Information). Click on the Edit button below all the sections to simply enter your PAN Card number into your profile. If for any reason you do not have a PAN Card, you may enter UNIVTRNTR into this field...

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