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Deals Rummy

At Taj Rummy you can now also play Best of 2 and Best of 6 Deals games. In this new feature the number of players joining any of these games depends upon the game type. The Best of 2 Deals game is played by just two players while a table offering Best of 6 Deals will have the maximum six players.

Deals Rummy refers to game play with pre-decided and fixed number of deals, players and chips and this format of the game gives all players an equal shot at winning.

Bet values differ for all games available in Deals Rummy which gives you a choice of joining a room with a bet worth Rs.75, Rs.200, Rs.450 or Rs.500. Choice of bets offered in other formats such as Pools Rummy and Points Rummy as well is even higher with bets worth Rs.1000 and Rs.1500.

Depending upon the number of players the game wil...

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Basics: Pools Rummy

The Pool variant of rummy is possibly the easiest and most basic version of Indian Rummy and yet the most preferred among skilled players. With Indian Rummy now moving into the sphere of online rummy games, you get to join a virtual pool of players who could be logged in from any corner of the world.

Pool rummy, also known as a “Syndicate” is joined by 2 to 6 players and can be played out over a long stretch of time. So get comfortable and keep a pot of coffee ready at hand when you join your game!

In this popular format of the hot favorite Indian Rummy card game, the player scoring the least points in a syndicate ultimately becomes the winner...

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Basics: Strikes Rummy

Strikes Rummy is played in rapid fire rounds with each player’s aim being to win the hand quickly by collecting zero points. This variant of the classic 13-card Indian Rummy game is also known as Points Rummy.

The rules for playing this game remain the same as with 101 and 201 point Pool Rummy. However, in Strikes the points carry a numerical or cash value which is decided at the beginning of the game. In this game, the winner takes in cash as prize after defeating all other players.

Meld your hand quickly and sharply to call a successful Show and your win will give you zero points. On the other hand, players who don’t complete their Sets and Lives will be penalized with pre-set points calculated for every card that is not grouped.

The maximum score, or Full Count, allowed in a single ...

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