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10 Best Money Earning Ludo Apps In India For 2024

by Team Taj Rummy
Best Ludo Apps To Earn Money

As an avid gamer or even a casual player looking for a good Ludo platform, navigating through the myriad of options can be daunting. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of best real money Ludo apps that not only provide a great gaming experience but also give you a chance to win cash prizes. These Ludo apps have been chosen based on user reviews, payout rates, ease of use and other significant factors.

So whether you’re a seasoned Ludo player or just starting out, these money earning Ludo apps could be your gateway to turning your leisure time into something more profitable.

Top 10 Money Earning Ludo Apps In India

Here are the best Ludo apps to earn real money. Play, compete, and cash in on the excitement with these top-rated platforms.


This Ludo King app is supported by both Android and iOS platforms and has been downloaded over 100 million times on Google Play alone showing its immense popularity. The King’s interface is user-friendly with easy navigation options making it accessible even for the greenest of beginners. Its vibrant colors and engaging graphics keep you glued while the rules are straightforward and mirror those of traditional ludo.

The strategic gameplay in Ludo King sets it apart from other money-earning games available online. It requires a good deal of planning and skill, rather than relying solely on luck. A roll of dice decides your move, but how you navigate the board demands strategy which keeps players engaged for hours.

Ludo King offers various methods through which users can earn real cash. Through in-app purchases, players have opportunities to purchase tokens or coins using their winnings or real money enhancing their gaming experience further. More so, there’s a reward system where winning sessions translate into monetary rewards directly transferred into your account based on points accumulated during gameplay.

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Ludo Empire is the best ludo app to earn money, here players can compete for cash prizes. This app is not only about rolling the dice but also requires strategic planning to secure a win. The gameplay experience is enhanced by its intuitive interface that’s easy on the eyes and simple to navigate.

With multiple playing options available, you have the freedom to choose between low stake games or high stakes matches depending on your confidence level and skills. When it comes to empire strategies, there are several winning tips you can employ in this game. You may want to focus on moving all your tokens out of base as quickly as possible or strategically blocking your opponents’ paths whenever opportunities arise.

Ludo Empire’s reward system stands out among other money earning apps due to its lucrative features. It grants daily bonuses which accumulate over time if consistently claimed; effectively working as a passive income resource while enjoying your favorite board game digitally. Additionally, referring friends earns you bonus coins that directly translate into real money once they sign up and play their first match.


This Ludo Club app is widely renowned for its engaging gameplay that not only provides an enjoyable pastime but also offers various club challenges to test your skills and strategies against other players worldwide. The game interface is simple yet appealing, which adds to the overall user experience.

If strategic games are what make your adrenaline rush, then mastering Ludo Club Strategies will significantly enhance your winning opportunities. When it comes to earning potential, Ludo Club stands out from many of its counterparts. With each successful win or completed challenge, you earn coins within the app. These virtual earnings can be converted into real money through different cash-out methods provided by the platform itself.

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Gamezy Ludo features include various modes you can choose from depending on what suits your skill level or mood for the day. Whether you prefer classic mode or want to try out something new like quick mode or rush mode, this app has got you covered.

What sets Gamezy apart from other online ludo apps is its rewarding system. The cash rewards offered here are quite substantial which makes each win even more exhilarating! While player experiences may vary based on individual performance, most users have reported positive feedback regarding these monetary incentives.

It’s a fantastic way to monetize your leisure time without stepping away from fun-filled gaming sessions. Moreover, with easy withdrawals available anytime, earning through Gamezy’s interface becomes hassle-free.


Ludo Game app from MPL stands tall in the world of online ludo apps due to its unique blend of endless entertainment and substantial earnings potential. Designed with industry-specific knowledge, MPL incorporates various strategies that make it an ideal choice for both novice and experienced gamers.

The earnings potential on MPL is impressive. You can earn real cash by participating in their numerous tournaments, which are held regularly throughout the day. These games require a small entry fee but offer lucrative returns if played strategically. Each tournament comprises different rounds where players battle head-to-head until only one winner emerges victoriously.

MPL user experience is top-notch thanks to its intuitive interface and smooth gameplay mechanics perfectly complemented by robust security features ensuring safe transactions. They employ advanced encryption technologies to safeguard sensitive data from unauthorized access or breaches thereby guaranteeing peace of mind alongside exciting gameplay.

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Dive into the thrilling world of Ludo Superstar, where you’re always in the spotlight! This real money Ludo game is an interesting blend of traditional ludo and modern-day mobile gaming. With its smooth navigation features and visually appealing graphics, Ludo Superstar ensures that users get hooked from their very first game. The easy-to-understand gameplay instructions add another feather to its cap. You can quickly grasp these ‘Superstar Strategies’ and start winning matches before you know it. Moreover, players commend this app for its fair play policy which assures that every player has an equal chance of winning.

Now onto one of the most crucial aspects – earning potential. Here lies the true essence of why many gamers prefer Ludo Superstar over other platforms: lucrative earnings! Based on your skills and strategies employed in games, there are ample chances for you to win cash prizes daily. Not only does this increase engagement levels but also offers great satisfaction knowing you can make some extra bucks while enjoying your favorite pastime activity.


The Ludo Sikandar Strategies involve planning your moves ahead based on probable outcomes and blocking opponents’ progress whenever possible. You get rewarded with coins for every successful move you make, which adds up to your overall earning potential.

The Earning Potential in Ludo Sikandar is immense as it offers various modes to play and win money. There’s Quick Play mode for those who want quick games and rewards, Classic mode for traditional ludo lovers, Master Mode for expert players seeking high stakes game and finally Bid Mode where you bid certain amount and winner takes all. Each game won translates into real cash that can be transferred directly to your bank account or digital wallet. Moreover, there are daily bonuses and referral programs which further boost your earnings.

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As one of the top money earning Ludo apps, Ludo Supreme provides an ideal platform to demonstrate your supreme strategies and earn real money while doing so. The app features exciting tournaments that run 24/7 offering you endless opportunities to play and win cash prizes. Notably, each game has a specific time limit which brings in an added level of challenge and excitement.

One key winning tip when playing on Ludo Supreme is understanding how the timing system works. Unlike traditional ludo games, here speed plays a vital role as well. With only 10 seconds per turn, quick decision-making becomes crucial to secure victory. This high-pressure scenario not only intensifies the gameplay but also enhances your strategic planning skills overall.

In terms of user experience, Ludo Supreme stands out among its competitors by delivering seamless navigation coupled with visually appealing graphics.


This Big Cash Ludo app is not just about playing the age-old board game, but also about earning real cash rewards. With its intuitive user interface and easy-to-grasp game mechanics, this app can help both beginners and seasoned players improve their strategies.

Big Cash is a real money earning ludo game in India. The first step towards winning big on Big Cash Ludo involves understanding the game’s unique strategies. The key lies in knowing when to move your tokens strategically for maximum advantage. Thankfully, Big Cash has an interactive tutorial system that helps newcomers understand these strategies effectively.

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Zupee Ludo is an amazing ludo online money earning app that has been meticulously designed with an easy-to-navigate interface that brings out a unique gaming experience. With countless tournaments happening every day, Zupee is not just about playing but also about winning big. The fascinating aspect of Zupee lies in its features. You might be familiar with several other ludo apps, but the striking thing about Zupee is its user-centric approach.

To win at this game requires strategic planning along with a little bit of luck, so it’s essential to master some winning strategies before jumping straight into the action. Zupee Tournaments are another exciting feature offered by the app. These contests give players an opportunity to compete at different levels against various competitors while earning substantial money. Winning these tournaments depends heavily upon how well you’ve strategized your gameplay and understood your opponent’s moves – making each match intriguingly competitive!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age restrictions for using these ludo game apps?

Most Ludo game apps have an age restriction of 13 years and above. Parental control settings are recommended to prevent underage use and gaming addiction. Always check the app ratings and reviews for any privacy concerns, as some may require age verification during sign-up.

Will I need to provide my bank details to earn money on these ludo apps?

Yes, to earn money on Ludo apps you’ll need to provide your bank details. This is for payment methods and withdrawal of earnings. Don’t worry though, these apps have security measures and privacy policies in place to protect your information. Be aware that there might be withdrawal limits and potential taxation on your earnings too.

Are these ludo apps available internationally or only in specific countries?

Most Ludo apps are accessible internationally but some may have regional exclusivity due to international regulations. Therefore, it’s best to check the app store description for availability in your country. Language options and currency conversion features also vary by app, so be sure to review these details before downloading.

How do these apps ensure fair play and prevent cheating in games?

These apps ensure fair play and prevent cheating in games through a combination of security measures, game integrity protocols, fraud prevention systems, fairness algorithms, and active cheating detection. This means the app is always checking to make sure no one is breaking the rules or trying to cheat their way to victory.

Can I play these money-earning ludo games offline or do I need an internet connection?

To play money-earning Ludo games, you generally need an internet connection. This is because the game strategies are real-time and involve other players online. Furthermore, secure payment methods for rewards require internet access. The apps also prioritize user privacy concerns and mobile compatibility which necessitates connectivity. However, some of these games may have offline modes for practice but to earn money, being online is essential.

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In conclusion, it’s clear that the best money earning Ludo apps are becoming increasingly popular. These platforms not only offer an engaging gaming experience but also provide opportunities to earn a decent income. Analyzing industry data reveals Ludo King, Ludo Empire and MPL Ludo among others as top players in this niche.

So why wait? Dive into these apps today and turn your love for Ludo into lucrative earnings!

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