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Crown your Diwali celebrations with gold coins!

There’s nothing quite like Diwali –  the whizzbang of rockets swooping high in the sky and the riot of colour that ensues, the blasts and bangs that punctuate the sounds of celebration, the food, the sweets and so much more. If there was one thing missing, in fact it’s the prospect of adding auspicious gold coins to your collection. Now that’s where Taj Rummy comes in!

15 Gold Coins to be won!

Cast a golden glow on your Diwali celebration with a gold coin courtesy: Taj Rummy! All you have to do is to play cash games with us, and if you are amongst the top 15 who play the most cash games, you will certainly have a superb gold coin jangling in your pocket! So come on over to Taj Rummy, play cash games and add an auspicious gold coin to your collection today!

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Firecracker of a Diwali offer at Taj Rummy!

There’s no celebration quite like a Diwali celebration, is there? The festivities and joy wash over us like a pleasing and never ending wave, the food and sweets keep us coming back for more, while the sense of bonding with friends and family stays with us year after year. That said, all of us at Taj Rummy have noticed that the excitement levels can still be raised even higher this Diwali!

Freeroll Tournament: Prizepool of Rs, 50,000!

That’s exactly why we are proud to present to you our Freeroll Tournament! Beginning on the 14th of November and continuing to the 15th of November you can stand to win from an astounding prizepool of Rs. 50,000...

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Cashbacks that cast a crimson glow galore! Unlock Rs. 56,750!

Diwali is a fantastic time of the year! There’s so much to do, so many gifts to give and receive, so much food and sweets, and let’s not forget the ubiquitous and oh so necessary fireworks! However, all of these things place a bit of a strain on your already straining wallet, so wouldn’t it be great to replenish your cash reserves? Now, we have the perfect cashback offer for you that’s poised to do just that!

Unlock Rs. 56,750 in cashbacks!

Sounds too good to be true, but you can easily unlock cashbacks worth a fabulous Rs...

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Taj Rummy’s giving you 500 reasons to celebrate

Dussehra is the time of the year when the whole family gets together to celebrate, enjoy the warm embrace of togetherness, and experience all the immense festivities that inevitably are part and parcel of the festival. But that’s not the only three reasons to feel happy this year – in fact, Taj Rummy’s giving you 500 more reasons to burst out in sheer joy!

Yes, that’s absolutely right! That’s because this Dussehra, Taj Rummy is giving you the chance to get Rs. 500 – no deposits and no questions asked! Simply visit the Taj Rummy site today for more details on this stupendous offer. You don’t want to be the one who misses out on the opportunity to get a fabulous Rs. 500 for free, and the added opportunity to brighten up your Dussehra – visit our site now!

Get Rs 500 – NO...

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Spice up Sundays with our tournament!

A lazy Sunday could definitely use a little jazzing up and spicing up. And if you are thinking along the same lines, then we have just the thing for you. Presenting our Smashing Sunday Tournament!

Prize pool of Rs. 25,000! 

This free to enter tournament, held every Sunday at 9.45 pm is just the perfect way to get you excited, thrilled and keep you coming back for more! So visit our site today, and you could be one of the many winners to share the spoils of our astonishing Rs. 25,000 prize pool at our Smashing Sunday Tournament! What are you waiting for, visit today and make every Sunday a fantastic and fun day!

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