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Turns up the temperature with a scorching offer!

We’ve brought the sizzle of summer indoors for all our users with the fabulous Unlock Rs 10,000 Bonus offer! You, yes you, can walk away with amazing bonuses up to Rs 10k, and some fantastic cash backs as well.

Unlock Rs 10,000 Bonus offer!

Now, I’m sure we’ve got your attention, all you have to do is to make 5 multiple deposits at Taj Rummy in 5 steps to claim the bonuses and cash backs. Please note, that each of the steps will have to be followed by this month-end to Unlock Rs 10,000 as a bonus. For more details on the steps, deposit amounts and bonus codes visit or the Taj Rummy App. Don’t wait any longer, make a deposit now, get some incredible cash backs and bonuses, and give yourself a chance to hit the jackpot at Taj Rummy!

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Beat The Heat with Rs 21650 Bonus

The summer is just about to hit mid-season form, and even though we’re all tucked away at home for the present, we still can’t escape the full fury of the heat. Now, that’s why the fine folk at Taj Rummy have concocted the perfect offer to try and quell the unrelenting summer heat. Read on to find out more!

An ice-cold offer that drives away the heat of summer!

Beat The Heat with Rs 21650 Bonus offer is simply the perfect foil to the summer heat, as you can now get up to Rs 21650 as an ice-cold bonus on repeat deposits! Now all of us can play Rummy from the cool-er confines of our home – however, make a deposit right away, as this offer only lasts till the 19 Th of May! So stay in, visit Taj Rummy today and win!

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Our sizzling-hot summer welcome offer is here!

Yes, that’s right! Here, at Taj Rummy we pull out all the stops for our customers, and like to welcome them with not one, but two stupendous summer welcome offers! Now, when you come aboard, you can get 115% as a Welcome Bonus on deposits, and also get 30% back on  repeat deposits! So hurry up, and sign up today, this offer lasts only till the 31st of May, 2020.

Deposit Amount Bonus Percentage Max Super Cash Total bonus
Welcome Bonus 100-20,000 100% 15% 115%
2nd Purchase 100-20,000 15% 15% 30%
3rd Purchase 100-20,000 15% 15% 30%
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