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This Valentine’s month, chase the treasure at Taj Rummy!

There’s plenty of excitement, thrill and love in the air this Valentine’s Day. You only have to look at the frenzy in the shops, colleges, schools, offices and homes for proof of this. The jewelry shops, florists and gift shops are choc-a-bloc as eager eyed lovers try to identify the best gifts to profess or even prove their love to their crushes, partners and spouses. However, as Valentine’s day passes us by, the excitement, thrill and joy dies down. But why should it? Why should it indeed?

Now, that’s why all of us at Taj Rummy want to keep the thrill and joy going on all through the month. And that’s exactly what we’ve done!

Presenting Taj Rummy’s Treasure Chase!

Taj Rummy brings you the amazing Treasure Chase offer! This offer rewards those who play more and win more – s...

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