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Star Player Abhishek speaks to the Taj Rummy team

Taj Rummy’s rising star Abhishek spoke to us about himself and what it’s like to be a member of our rapidly growing community. He proudly states he’s been with us since the very first day and still plays at Taj Rummy every weekend. He says his passion for playing cards was rewarded when he found a realistic experience to play online. Of course, he is talking about none other than Taj Rummy; and of course, we’re equally ecstatic to have him onboard!

He gets really chatty when asked about his favourite things on the site – the “support and interface are awesome” comes his prompt reply. He keeps coming back to Taj Rummy for the gifts, promotions, friendly support team and best user interface updates, he adds.

Abhishek has won an iPad and a laptop at Taj Rummy, which he instantl...

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Taj Rummy speaks to another Star Player – kitty2koolman

Krishna Mohan, or kitty2koolman as he is popularly known at Taj Rummy, spoke to us this Diwali about his experiences here. Though he does not consider himself a social person, we are beaming ear to ear with the warm compliments he has paid us making the festivities even brighter for the team.

A Senior Associate at Automatinc Data Processing, Krishna says his favourite online rummy website is none other than Taj Rummy. No surprises there, of course, he is one of our regular players and has even won a few of the prizes up on offer, namely a brand new iPad Mini and plenty of loyalty bonuses.

He was all praises for our attractive offers and says the team provides excellent support. Two of the top things he likes about Taj Rummy are the same-day processing of withdrawal requests and its user fr...

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