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bnareshkb tells us why we are his Favourite Rummy Site

25 year old Naresh (bnareshkb) is one of our budding stars at Taj Rummy. A software engineer by profession, he has been a loyal gamer at the site since about a year and admits it is his favourite among the lot. We did a short interview with this youngster to see what makes him tick and why we are so special to him:

The support provided by the Taj Rummy team is his number one reason for coming back to play here; “They are friendly”, he adds to substantiate why our Support Team is the best thing about us for him. Naresh is a social person, plays online rummy (only at Taj Rummy though, he reveals) and likes to blog.

He recommends us to his friends and family, who were very happy about his winnings here. A gold coin and an Apple iPad are in his kitty so far, and we wish him all the best an...

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Taj Rummy – Advanced Gaming Skills

We’ve recently covered some basic online rummy strategies to help improve your game. If you’ve begun applying them, you’ve probably seen a huge difference in your game play already. Like we said, practice will only make you better, so keep at it – patience and perseverance will take you a long way towards perfection.

Speaking of (perfection), Taj Rummy would like to see you really flourish here, and we’re going to do everything it takes for this to happen. So today’s post is going to bring you a few more slightly advanced tips, tricks, call them whatever you like, but they will knock your opponents’ socks off!

The main idea is to use every aspect of the game strategically to master your skill – your cards, your opponents’ cards, the cards remaining in the deck and even your o...

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Taj Rummy – How to Improve Your Gaming Skills

At Taj Rummy, just one more game will do… and the more you play, the better you’ll get – that’s how it is with every skill, right? Rummy, even the online variety, is a fantastic game of skill, one that really improves with time, patience and a little help from experts. Your time and patience belongs to you, so these are for you to bring to the table, but here’s the Special from our side – apply the below strategies and tricks, and you’ll be at the top of your game in no time!

1. Use the Drop feature to your best advantage Take a good look at the cards you’ve been dealt – if you don’t see any Jokers and/ or have cards you’re going to struggle to make sequences with, drop the game at the outset...

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Meet Taj Rummy Star Player – Chiranjeevi

Taj Rummy claims to be all about bringing the best of the best under their magnanimous dome. They pride themselves in being the first choice for skilled rummy experts in India. Chintada Chiranjeevi, a loyal member at this premium online rummy brand, was happy to speak to us about the site and his experience in being a part of their rapidly growing family.

“When I was searching for the best Indian online rummy sites, I saw”

To say he has had quite a journey at Taj Rummy would be an understatement. This young graduate (B.Tech) enjoys playing rummy at leisure and discovered Taj Rummy while looking for “the best Indian online rummy sites”. His interest in rummy began a few years ago when he played for fun with his hostel mates during his intermediate studies...

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