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Pre-Meld Confirmation and Declare (New Feature – 2016)

The Declare option has been updated and a new Pre-Meld Confirmation feature has been introduced to give a preview of the sets melded by the players after placing a show.

  1. Upon forming valid sets as per the game rules, select the closing card and then click on the “Show” button. You will find a dialogue box as below:

  1. If you are sure and would like to proceed, you may click on “OK”, post which you will get the ”Pre-Meld Confirmation” box.
  1. In the Pre-Meld confirmation box, a Red line under the cards would indicate invalid set(s). (See screenshot below – the sets underlined in green are valid, but the one underlined in red is invalid).

In this case, select the cards and group them into right sets...

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Smart Correction (New Feature – 2016)

This feature has been introduced to help players place a valid show in case they have the right sets of cards but have melded them incorrectly.

Upon forming valid sets as per the game rules, and clicking on the “Show” button, the Pre-Meld Confirmation box appears, see screenshot below.

In case you have the right sets of cards but have not melded them correctly, the incorrect sets would be highlighted with red lines under them, as in the example shown in the screenshot below. Here, the 6 of Hearts has to be grouped with the 5 and 7 of Hearts. Hence, both these sets are highlighted as invalid ones.


In this case, you have the option to correct it yourself by grouping them into their right sets. But if you overlook them and click on “YES”, Smart Correction immediately comes into play.

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Withdrawable Balance Working

Withdrawable Balance:

Where can I see my withdrawable balance?

When you log in to your Taj Rummy account, select the “My Account” tab from  the vertical menu on the left and click on the “Account Overview” sub-tab. Alternatively, you may also view this page by clicking on the figure displayed against your “Cash Balance”, located directly under your username in the lobby.


On the Account Overview page, you’ll find the “Cash Summary” section, which will show you your Deposit Amount and Withdrawable Amount respectively, along with their sum (Total Cash Balance, also simply referred to as Cash Balance).



Deposit Amount: This is the amount you have deposited but still not used for playing cash games.

Withdrawable Amount: This includes all your cash winnings th...

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